Enter tracks

Basically, it is possible to enter any place where driving is allowed/permitted/approved. Professional race tracks can also be registered by anyone who is not personally involved with the track. However, should someone claim the rights to a track, who can prove that he has authority to do so, the old entry will be transferred to the new owner. We kindly ask you to check the entry with a person responsible for the track in question beforehand, if the entry holder is not one of them. If a professional race track is registered by a third party, it is possible for the track owner / manager or a person responsible for the track to claim the administration of the track's entry.

Correct information

Please describe the track to the best of your knowledge and belief and refrain from exaggerating. Handling comments

Any kind of insult is forbidden. Respect your opposite as it is and not as you would like it to be. In case of violations, we ask you to use the report button and to report the corresponding person. Please always keep in mind: the internet is not a lawless are! Insults can be prosecuted. If a user should insult another user, he will be immediately blocked for this website.


Advertising in any form is prohibited. However, links to your own track's website are expressly permitted and encouraged.